Hydrotherapy with Katie  (Tuesday – Friday)

Hello, I’m Katie, the proud owner of Water Dog Spa. I am a Nationally Board Certified Small Animal Massage Practitioner and  I’ve been doing hydrotherapy in and around Seattle since 2016, I went to school at the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Accupressure and Massage and I know I have the best job in the world. All thanks to my boy  Rocco, the black dog pictured with me. Learning about canine hydrotherapy changed both of our lives. 

As Rocco aged, I saw his mobility decline practically overnight. Rocco loved to swim, so I searched to find a dog pool. Through weightless exercise, he gained strength and cardiovascular health; his quality of life returned. He no longer looked like a depressed, ailing dog. He was excited for walks again, his appetite came back, and the light returned to his eyes. Hydrotherapy gave me more quality time with my precious boy.  

I want to offer the same comfort and movement for you and your dogs. Through extensive training in therapeutic touch, kinesiology, anatomy and physiology combined with jetted warm water, I help your dogs rebuild muscle mass, increase stamina, reduce weight, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Just reach out I am happy to chat about what is going on with your dog and what we can do together.  

Washington State Licence Number# AS61544835

Eric dog swimming

Hydrotherapy with Eric (Sundays and Mondays)

Hi, I’m Eric. I’m excited to offer hydrotherapy every Sunday and Monday for your beloved dogs.

My canine companions have been swimming for years and I have seen this as a valuable component in the overall health of our family members. As a devoted guardian to a pair of senior dogs, I find joy in assisting our elder companions to maintain vitality during their golden years.

Whether it’s aiding them in staying active or supporting their journey towards a healthier weight, I’m here to lend a compassionate hand.

Hydrotherapy with Morgana

( Saturday’s Only)

Hello! I am Morgana, I run my hydrotherapy practice on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. I am currently a veterinary assistant as well and I am applying to veterinary school next year. I have really connected to rehabilitation dealing with my own dogs, and clients who have had orthopedic surgeries. I’ve seen the power of hydrotherapy first hand and want to focus on rehabilitation after school as well. I especially love working with senior dogs, in my own dog it has supported his muscle growth, healthy movement and mobility. I love working with others to provide the same comfort.

About Water Dog Spa

Our Hydrotherapy Pool is 13 feet long, 8 feet wide and 4 feet deep with two jet settings to increase resistance.

Our water is maintained with Bromine to offer a safe,  sanitary and clean environment for the dogs. Bromine is easy on the skin and doesn’t have the strong bleach smell that is often associated with pools.

We keep the water between 85-92 degrees comfortable for the dog to work hard in and not overheat but also warm enough to increase circulation, comfort in the soft tissues and the joints and soothing to relax.