Hello, I’m Katie.

I’m Katie and I’m the owner of Water Dog Spa. I’ve been doing hydrotherapy in and around Seattle since 2016. The black dog in the picture is my boy Rocco and he got me into all of this. As he got older, I saw his mobility decline, walks became harder for him and less frequent for both of us. We all know it is important to move, and that bodies in motion tend to stay in motion.

I needed to find a way to keep him active without pain. He loved to swim so I searched to find a way to let my boy swim in the Pacific Northwest in the fall and winter. I found Hydrotherapy and our whole lives changed for the better. I watched him gain strength and cardiovascular health his quality of life returned no longer a depressed and ailing dog, Rocco was wagging his tail, joining me on walks again, his appetite came back, and the light returned to his eyes. I knew I wanted in and so that is just what I did.

Waterdog Spa offers comfort and mobility for all dogs – old, young, large and small – everyone is welcome here, I have taught anxious puppies and nervous adult dogs to swim, rehabilitated dogs post-surgery or illness and extended crate rest, helped dogs learn to walk again after brain surgery, conditioned dogs for show and sport and been privileged enough to give hospice care for elderly dogs. Every dog that comes to Water Dog Spa gets an individualized treatment plan and a private peaceful space. Best of all I get to kiss dogs noses every day.

Read about the dogs I work with here.


About Water Dog Spa

Our Hydrotherapy Pool is 13 feet long, 8 feet wide and 4 feet deep with two jet settings to increase resistance.

Our water is maintained with Bromine to offer a safe,  sanitary and clean environment for the dogs. Bromine is easy on the skin and doesn’t have the strong bleach smell that is often associated with pools.

We keep the water between 85-92 degrees comfortable for the dog to work hard in and not overheat but also warm enough to increase circulation, comfort in the soft tissues and the joints and soothing to relax.