Dog Swimming

Initial Evaluation

We start outside and I watch your dog move on a leash with you. After this brief gait assessment. We can come inside, I do a full body palpation, a light touch to see the anatomy of the dog as well as  watch for indications of pain in the dog’s body. This helps to tell the story of their body. I listen to your dog’s hearts and lungs and we have a quick chat about the dogs medical history. Next is a slow calm introduction into the pool. It is important that the introduction to the pool is a positive experience so this can be an activity that you dog will love for their whole life. Your dog will have a warm up (under 2 minutes swim)  then I do another palpation to feel if  anything has changed in the dog after the brief work out

Now comes  the real work, as I work with your dog in the pool I will design a custom swim program based  on their needs and capabilities. We will rotate between swimming and massage for the duration of the session (about 50 min).  Once the session is over, I will take your dog out of the pool and can discuss what an appropriate treatment plan will be. You are welcome to stay to observe the session if you choose to.   After swimming your dog can just be dried off or you can choose to use our self-service dog wash.

Initial evaluation:  $105.00

Regular Appointments

jack russell dog swimming

The frequency and duration of these appointments will be determined by the treatment plan we decide on after the initial appointment.  Each session will include Hydrotherapy and massage. After swimming your dog can just be dried off or you can choose to use our self-service dog wash.

30 min appointments $60.00
60 min appointments  $95.00

Self Swim

Swim in our warm water dog pool with your pup!

Handler is required to complete a 2 training sessions with an Katie to learn safe handling of their dog in the pool as well as best practices to maintain a safe environment.

Sessions 1/2 hour $40 1 hour $70