Initial Evaluation

After you book your initial evaluation, we will email you a new client packet to fill out before you arrive. Be prepared to discuss this information and your dog’s medical history at the appointment.

Once you’re here, we will watch your dog move a bit, conduct a gentle full-body palpation to understand their unique body structure, and monitor for any indications of discomfort. This attention to detail helps tell the story of your dog’s body and how they use it. 

Next, we slowly and calmly introduce your dog into the pool. Your dog will start with a warm-up swim, then we’ll do another palpation to feel if anything has changed after the brief workout. We will rotate between swimming and interactive rest for the duration of the session (about 50 min).  

As we work with your dog in the pool, we create a custom swim program and schedule based on their needs and capabilities. Once the session is over, you’re welcome to use our self-service dog wash.

After the session you will help to  determine the frequency and duration of swim plan for your dog. We like to start slow and make sure everyone is comfortable.

Initial evaluation:  $105.00

Regular Appointments

jack russell dog swimming

We will determine the frequency and duration of your dog’s appointments based on the treatment plan discussed during the initial evaluation. 

30 min appointments $60.00
60 min appointments  $95.00